Angela Oh

“Um I guess it would just be great, and yeah even back then, I was just like, Why don’t they just hire whoever is best for the job. Like who cares about like, oh we should probably get someone diverse in here. Just whoever did the best job hire them, and then I was like, won’t it all just work out in the end? Won’t it work out?" — Angela Oh

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt episode 4.  Today we are talking to the fabulous Actor/Director/Producer Angela Oh ( who created and starred in her own webseries U Drive Me featuring Ione Skye (Say Anything), Jonathan Kite (2 Broke Girls), and Rex Lee (Entourage) and executive produced by Steve Carr. And in today’s convo big budget vs Indie equals more junk in the trunk, celebrating your accomplishments, and one and done stand up comedian.

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Angela Oh is an actress and director known for What Women Want, Hero, and Boy and Girls.