Carlos Ibarra

“People let adversity get in the way, and it’s an excuse, an excuse for you to become the victim, yes exactly, and it’s your job to not be.” — Carlos Ibarra

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt episode 3. Today we are talking to actor/producer Carlos Ibarra about running across the country, the little decisions that make up your bigger picture, and teacher's pets.

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It was a tough journey…
40 miles a day
72 days straight
From Brooklyn, NY to his hometown of Costa Mesa, CA – approx. 3,000 miles.
Along with a team of filmmakers Carlos produced a series of episodes that tell his story and the stories of the people they met on this incredible journey. They shared stories of victories and struggles and sought to understand the modern American Dream.

This journey isn’t just about Carlos. It’s about everyone that calls America their home.

Now Carlos is on the road again, but this time he’s bringing the film to screens across the country. By sharing his story at film festivals, universities, businesses and philanthropic organizations; the RUN CARLOS RUN team hopes to inspire individuals to keep chasing after their dreams.

Check out the film’s trailer and join us at an upcoming screening.