Heather Girardi

“Create great stories, say things that are funny or not really funny or dramatic, or get together with people that you love, and put it out there and make it happen, you know, while you’re waiting for your golden ticket. And probably the golden ticket is gonna come when you least expect it.”
— Heather Girardi

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt: Empowering Actors to Create episode 19! Today we have actor, director, producer, Heather Girardi (hgirardi.com). We talk about collaborating with your spouse, your choices affecting 7 generations, and the seriousness of comedy!

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Born in New York City, raised in South Florida, actress Heather Girardi credits her maternal grandmother, an English teacher and great lover of poetry, Shakespeare and Pavarotti, with fueling her passion for language and the arts. While attending Florida State University as a music major, with a focus on vocal performance, Heather was accepted into The National Shakespeare Conservatory, where her teachers encouraged her to consider pursuing a career in performance.

Heather transferred to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts as an acting major while also continuing training with some NSC teachers and with the legendary Wynn Handman of the American Place Theatre.

With her strong innate talents honed by years of extensive training, Heather is described by all those who know her as reliable, focused, enthusiastic and risk-taking. “One of my strengths as an artist is my ability to morph into roles while being respectful, easy and enjoyable to work with,” observes Heather. “I have learned the craft of smoothly switching hats without compromising the vision and integrity of my work and of those around me.”

Heather has been a part of an enormous variety of projects, of which her favorites include Walking The Volcano (The Vineyard Playhouse), in which she played 5 roles and was featured in The New York Times and the Boston Globe; Sylvia Beach in Left Bank Bookseller (The Barrow Group Theatre), for which she was nominated for Best Actress; the videos she and her husband, Ben Slatkin, create with their company Editagogo Productions. and the web series Or So The Story Goes, and Park Slope Moms.

Expanding her talents as a director, Heather won Best Director for her work on Brownsville Bred at The Network’s One Act Festival, and continues to direct and perform her own material and assist others in developing their own.