Katherine Randel and Pascale Seigneuire

“My whole growing up, all you hear is how you gotta sit and be dainty, ugh you’re too tall how are you going to find you a man? Your presence and the owning of your body, especially if you’re physical, and if you don’t like to sit like a dainty princess, you are made to feel like you know a tomboy, and that’s not okay, that’s not feminine, well, there are different ways.” — Pascale Seigneurie

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt: Empowering Actors to Create episode 17. Today we have producer Katherine Randel and Pascale Seigneuire (www.pascaleseigneurie.com), a Lebanese-American actress, writer, dancer living in NYC despite all the rats.  We talk about their film Roads to Olympia that filmed on 3 different continents, women’s rights around the world, and actually saving the rainforest.

Roads To Olympia | Pascale Seigneurie
Save the Rainforest

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Katherine Randel is a Producer for the feature film Roads To Olympia and the production company, Beacon Revolt. In addition to her love affair with the entertainment world, Kat is a trusted advisor, solutions-oriented partner, and an international events manager, facilitating special meetings and initiatives during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland; the UN General Assembly Week in New York; and other external social impact convenings. Prior to joining the team at Beacon Revolt, Katherine worked for Purpose, (a 21st century movement building vehicle that utilizes new power models), New York Public Radio, the World Economic Forum USA, and The B Team.