Lauren Sowa


“I think that’s one of the biggest things about arts education that we lose when we take it away, especially from kids, is the creative process, the creative thinking. We need that, even if we don’t end up being an actor or an artist or a filmmaker. Even if you become a politician or the CEO of a company, if you’ve learned to think outside the box, that will help you in no matter what you do.” — Lauren Sowa

Welcome back to episode 16. On today’s episode, we have actor and photographer Lauren Sowa ( We talk about her series called Women in Film Portraits, recognizing your accomplishments, and dating; do we really need to say anything else!

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Lauren Sowa grew up in beautiful Landisville, Pennsylvania, surrounded by cornfields and the Amish. She started as a dancer, training in all styles from a young age. Acting soon took hold and she moved to New York. While training at NYU, Lauren was a part of a sketch comedy group alongside Donald Glover, Rachel Bloom, and many others! She's currently in the Improv program at UCB. She has performed internationally in theaters big and small, and on screen. Lauren is a big-time animal lover, and has yet to meet a pretzel she doesn't like. When not acting, you can find her reading a good book, catching up on old films, doing yoga, and watching soccer!