Stacie Capone and Don Downie

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“I mean I think that also, I mean the creative pursuit is largely about like taking care of this like chaotic child that lives inside of every creative person.”

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt: Empowering Actors to Create episode 8. Today we sit down with filmmakers Stacie Capone (  and Don Downie ( We shoot the shit about honoring your original intentions for a project, building your community, and inventive guerilla style shooting because of a budget.

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Stacie is an accomplished actress, with numerous film, and stage credits. She has spoken at industry events on subjects such as producing independent film and on the intersection of food and social media.Stacie's producing credits include the feature film Blood Junkies, the narrative pilot Exit Strategy for Teen Nick, and numerous commercials, short films, and web series. Stacie created and produced the narrative web pilot The Pickup Chicks, which won ZoomTilt Media's TV Reset Project competition.  

Don is a director who creates films, television, digital content, and commercials.  In addition to Pepper and the Salt Sea, some of his other directing credits include the award-winning web pilot The Pickup Chicks and the 32-episode web sitcom Caffeine & Crullers. His short screenplay Adultnapped was a finalist in the Screencraft Short Film Production Fund, and took first runner- up at the DC Shorts Screenplay Competition.Other projects include a music video for the artist Moby, video installations for a live performance at Judson Arts Center / The Public Theater, and cinematography for the feature film Wedgerino.

“On a good day, we make a film and entertain an audience. But on a really good day, we might just change somebody’s life for the better. How cool is that?”