Amanda Markowitz


“Favors, as many as you can get. You have to build to that, and you run out of them. You can’t just be asking people for favors all the time. You have to also be the type of person, which we always try to be, especially my production partners, is helping people out on their projects. Right. If you’ve built that reserve of favors given then when it’s time for you to ask for a favor for your project then those people will go to bat for you because you’ve been there for them. Which is a life lesson, right, not just an industry lesson.”

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 67. Elise and Lesley sit down with Actor/Producer Amanda Markowitz. They discuss her production company Three Tales Productions, becoming a working mom, and carrying a film across a suspension bridge.


Amanda Markowitz is a Los Angeles native (quite the unicorn) lovingly known for her impressive resting victim face and quirky quick wit. She graduated magna cum laude from USC's Marshall School of Business. She is the owner and co-founder of Three Tales Productions and has produced award-winning feature films, numerous short films, as well as music videos. She is the lead in the upcoming feature film 'The Voices' opposite Lin Shaye of the 'Insidious' franchise, and the lead in the award-winning feature film 'Love Meet Hope,' starring 7-time Emmy Award Winner, Ed Asner. Fun fact: her family owns Factor's Famous Deli, so she comes with a side of pastrami and matzo ball soup, although she won't be eating with you, since she is a 17-year vegetarian.