Margaret Katch and Roni Geva

Roni Geva & Margaret Katch

“We got a publicist, and getting a publicist is not cheap. However, for us, it was very useful in that she got us into a whole bunch of magazines, which then got us into the Washington Post, which was awesome! Which then Glenn Beck found out about, and he did a whole rant about it. That’s when things got hairy for just like a day, and then it went back to normal. But all of that press increased our views a lot.“ Roni Geva

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 63. Elise and Lesley sit down with the creators of Ctrl Alt Delete. They discuss their web series streaming on Vimeo (, the circle of collaboration and being funny!



Roni Geva is an actor, sketch-comedienne and writer, born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since coming to the US in middle school and learning English, she has been a professional stage actor and improviser, recently transitioning to film and television work. Before moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, Roni was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for best supporting actress in a musical. Her sketch comedy show The Arab Israeli Comedy Hour (Second City, ioWest, UCB) garnered great acclaim and led her to work as a writer on the 2015 CBS Diversity Showcase. Since then she has worked on television as an actor (Jane the Virgin, Casual, Shaded, This Is Us, Atypical, Bosch) and films (Take With Water, +, Very Grave Robbers, The 98, To Fall in Love with Anyone, Play this Game, Lookin’ Up, This Afternoon, One Small Hitch). In 2018, Roni wrote and produced ctrl alt delete, a pro-choice comedy, which received a 2018 Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series. Season 2 of the show was released in May 2019.

Margaret Katch is a Chicago-born actor, director, and writer, working on stage, film, and commercials. She was nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award and two Ovation Awards for her work in The Philadelphia Story at Remy Bumppo Theater Company and Failure: A Love Story with the Center Theatre Group and Coeurage Theatre Company, respectively. She has worked on television (Gilmore Girls, 69th Annual Emmy Awards, Rake, and a pilot for Lifetime), films (Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers, To Fall in Love with Anyone, Play This Game), and several web series (Quick and Dirty, Crystal’s Balls, Wanted: Best Friend). She has directed the two short films To Fall in Love With Anyone, Play This Game and Take With Water, and the award winning short form series CTRL ALT DELETE.