Dito Montiel


"I just write, I don’t care. I’ve got 20 things at all times, I just bounce whatever. I just obsess and my obsession is to get to the end. That’s all it is. When I get to the end then I go back through it and make sure it starts to make sense and things like that. So I love the process of writing and you know it’s weird. I always like to write since’s I’m a kid and it’s my sort of escape you know."


Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Ep 50. NSLD is officially over the hill. Thank you guys for listening for the past 2 years. Let's celebrate! Elise & Lesley sit down and talk with the talented writer/director Dito Montiel. They discuss working with icons, the Sundance Writers lab, and ya never know where the path will lead!