Elyse Niblett


"Always, always be aware of what the intention of the scene is within the given circumstances, within the characters lives, within the story, within the world. All of those things have to constantly come together or else, it’s not gonna serve the story, and it’s not gonna play and you’re gonna go into the edit room and you are gonna realize that you wasted a lot time."


Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 27, featuring director/filmmaker Elyse Niblett and her film THE BROKEN ONES which premiered at the Soho International Film Festival. Lessons learned while directing a feature, and digging for the emotional life of your characters.d


Born and raised in California, Elyse began a life of performance as a ballet dancer. After thirteen years she began training in sketch and paint art. At 21 years of age she discovered acting. She graduated with a BFA in Screen Acting at Chapman University but it wasn't until a few years after graduating that she shifted her focus to directing. With the help of Tony Spiridakis and his Manhattan Film Institute, she made her debut film, The End of the World, about a woman at the end of her rope in a loveless marriage. At MFI, Elyse met Cece King, who would later hire her as the director for the Independent Feature Film, The Broken Ones, which just had its world premiere at the opening night of the SOHO Int'l Film Festival to a sold out theater.

Last year Elyse created her production company, Gray Space Productions, with her long time colleague and friend, Blair Nichols. Through her company she has created video content for companies along with narrative short films. They are now in development with two separate feature films, with Elyse at the helm as director.

Elyse was always drawn to storytelling and found her home behind the camera. Her background in acting has aided her interpretation of scripts and her ability to shape actor performances. She is beyond excited and grateful for the continued success of her first feature, The Broken Ones, and looks forward to many more. Her favorite part about film is the collaborative process, working with fellow creatives to build a narrative that strives to move, inspire and enlighten her viewers. She would not be here were it not for the tireless support of her family and friends. "