Liz Masucci & Gia Crovatin

Liz Masucci & Gio Crovatin

"When we first started working on the play and we were working through the script and stuff, which the play originally was like 30 pages long. And Neil was like, “Look, here’s the story, but I’m not married to any of it, to me the best idea wins.” And that was just like, ding, that was like a lightbulb for me as an artist. The best idea wins. And it’s true. It’s like, what is the best thing for the story, what is the best thing for the characters, what is the best thing for the production. It’s like you have to focus on the kind of group effort instead of just focusing on yourself."

~Gia Crovatin

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 46. Elise and Lesley sit down with Actor/Filmmakers Liz Masucci and Gio Crovatin. They discuss their production company, In the Meantime,  Neil LaBute's advice "the best idea wins", and "Why Not?"