Katie Micay


"I just like having a team. Which Kyle and I have now done 2 project together and we can bounce off of each other. He is good at certain things that I am not necessarily good at and I’m good at things that he is not necessarily good at, so we kinda balance each other out. But I would really say, have people who are good at things that you aren’t great at, they are fabulous to have around!"

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt episode 24. All the way from LA, we talk with Writer/Director Katie Micay. We talk about the collaborated writing process on her film THE FIREFLY GIRLS (coming out soon), shadow directing on the hit TV show SUPERNATURAL, and lighting a glass house.  




Katie Micay graduated from Loyola Marymount University’s film production program. Her first short film, For Love, created at New York Film Academy’s summer program at age 14, is nearing 4,000 hits on YouTube. Her short film Limited Engagement was an Official Selection for the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival and got an Award of Merit at Women’s Independent Film Festival. She also received a nomination for Film Outside The Frame, LMU’s annual student awards and film festival, for her writing. Her second film My So Called Family was an Official Selection for Bel Air Film Festival. Her third short film, Flirt, was an Official Selection for the Reality Bytes Film Festival. The Firefly Girls has played at several film festivals including Sonoma International Film Festival, Mill Valley Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival and Omaha Film Festival amongst others.