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Hollywood Shorts Kimberly Browning

"I think the crowdsourcing environment also leads us to get really enthusiastic about getting our films made, and we don’t necessarily match what we have on the page to our resources. So you’ve got your Melville sized, 30 page epic drama and you raised 5,000 dollars on your crowdsourcing. And so being able to understand, I know that this is the show that you want to make right now, but is it the show that’s really gonna open the doors, is it a show that you can really create well with the resources you have."


Welcome Back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 51. Elise and Lesley sit down with filmmaker/festival director, Kimberly Browning. They discuss her festival Hollywood shorts, shorts are short, and film festivals are sexy.



Kimberley is a filmmaker and film festival professional. She is the founder and Festival Director of the Hollywood Shorts Film Festival, which launched in 1998 in Los Angeles. She also serves as an Associate Short Film Programmer at the Tribeca Film Festival. She is based in LA, and is originally from the Washington DC area.

Kimberley is the Executive Producer of HBO Access, producing the television pilots developed as part of HBO Access 2016 Screenwriting and Directing Fellowship programs.

Kimberley directs and produces film, television and new media, and is developing under her Griffith Place Films banner. Upcoming productions include 'Adrift' written by Rich Ronat, and 'Shy' written by comedian and radio host Jeffrey Keller. She is also developing the new comedy web series 'Empire Palms' with writer/comedian Matt Siegan.

Kimberley directed 'Room 19', an art documentary film which focuses on the story of an innovative 3rd grade art teacher who transforms her students view of the world - and themselves.