Natasha Kermani


“It’s not enough to just make a great film, you have to really go the whole way through. And especially today, when you not making a studio picture, you have to have a mind for it. You have to have a mind for every step of the business because no one’s gonna hold your hand, like everybody just could not care less about whether or not your film gets to where you want it to.”

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt First Feature Series episode 23. Today we have writer/director Natasha Kermani. We have a fabulous conversation about the sensory experience of her film Imitation Girl, island hopping through the stages of filmmaking, and a special announcement to your ego,”Grow up, you BABY!”

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Natasha Kermani is a Brooklyn based writer and director, and co-founder of independent production company, Illium Pictures. Her credits includes feature films Imitation Girl, starring Lauren Ashley Carter, and Shattered, starring veteran actor Ray Wise. Short form work includes Lewis Black’s The Mentors (for which she won Best Director at the NYC Web Fest), the LAIFF award-winning comedy Pole, starring Stefanie Woodburn, and commercial work for clients including Microsoft, Nike, Redken, Vision Research, Pepsi, Bud Lite and Open Road Integrated Media. A graduate of NYU’s Film & Television Program, Natasha has spoken at the Chesapeake Film Festival’s Women in Film event, and is a regular panelist at NYU’s Production Lab, Reel Talk. Outside film and television, Natasha is an enthusiastic member of the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music’s Community Orchestra, whose profits go towards fostering music programs in underserved area schools. Natasha’s Iranian-American heritage, her interest in the female identity, and her love of music all converge in her work, a lyrical exploration of how we, and others, define ourselves.