Sarah Cogan

Sarah Cogan

"I always like to ask myself. Is this serving me or is this serving the story? And if it is, is it doing its job to serve the story, because this is about more than myself. And if you keep yourself always in the story, than it’s about you and not the characters nor the world, and thats like the most important part."

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 42. Elise and Lesley sit down with triple threat designer (costumes, lights, sets) Sarah Cogan. They discuss creating the world, assistant costuming CBS sitcom  Kevin Can Wait, and being comfortable in the unknown.


Inferno - “The Heist” - Ep.1 | White Lies Noir

Sarah Cogan is a Film/TV designer with experience in costume, production and lighting design, making her a triple threat. Sarah's journey into design began in college at UC Santa Barbara, then continued on with a Masters in Costume and Lighting Design from on of the top design programs, UC San Diego. Her philosophy about filmmaking comes from a deep place. She argues: Film is a visual art based in literature. And, people listen to how you say it over what you say. In film, the how-you-say-it is your visual/audio approach and the what-you-say is the script. Sarah's work include a wide range of shorts, films, and tv shows including: costume design for White Lies Noir starting Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead), production design for Inferno (Nominated for Best Design by the International Academy of Web Television), both costumes and production design for Pay to Stay and Stitched (Award Winning at Canada Shorts, MAC Underground & more). Assistant costume design includes: Nat Geo's American Genius, HBO's Last Week Tonight, and currently: CBS's Kevin Can Wait.