Tanner Sawitz

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“Being a good producer is just knowing who to call, and I think that’s very true. I think it’s just the more people you know, the more people you work with the more thorough your budget are gonna be because you will have resources to pull from and get accurate numbers from the beginning”

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt Episode 59. Elise and Lesley sit down with Producer Tanner Sawitz to discuss his production company Leviathan Filmworks, line producing and shifting.


After getting a screenwriting degree at Chapman, working for Reading Rainbow, and leaving a company I started with two friends a couple years in, I created my own company - Leviathan - where I act as producer and line producer. While I'm mainly focused on the commercial world, I've started branching out into narrative with a couple director's projects. Many people hate budgeting or handling money at all, but I've found a real passion in it. Knowing how something can or cannot be executed in the film world is deeply satisfying; it's not just about tossing around lofty ideas, but figuring out what is realistic and then taking the concrete steps to accomplish it. Between producing current projects and spending time managing and building the company, I don't have much time left, but I do make time for my second job - selling ceramic art. I've done ceramics for 10 years and it's a good source of supplementary income, as well as another passion. I intend to continue to pursue both art and film.