Bat-Sheva Guez

“The comparison between addiction and um being an artist. Because with an addiction you get like a little bit of positive reinforcement and then a lot of negative reinforcement. And you’re just like I’ll go through the negative, you’re like I’m gonna get through this negative because it’s gonna feel good at the end, or the other way around. And with art it is the same thing, it’s an addiction. It’s like I’m ok with like suffering, and being miserable and being broke and getting rejected and all the things that come with being a filmmaker and then in between all that there are little moments of joy. And some of them are not when it’s complete some of them are just when you’re doing it. “ — Bat-Sheva Guez

Welcome back to Nothing Shines Like Dirt: Empowering Actors to Create Episode 11. Today we are speaking to director, writer, and editor Bat-Sheva Guez ( We mull over the addiction of art, her short Film Behind the Wall featured June 10th at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and June 11th in The Lighthouse International Film Festival, and being a precocious, persistent, prodigy!

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Bat-Sheva Guez is passionate about weaving dance, magic, and experimental techniques into visually compelling, character-driven stories.  She has directed over a dozen short films and screened them in festivals worldwide including the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, the New York Television Festival, and more.

She is the recipient of the JT3 Artist Award for Screenwriting & Directing.  Her latest film, Behind the Wall, won the Panavision Grant for Best Cinematography at the Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival.  She is a member of Film Fatales and the FilmmakeHERS.

With her production company, Adventure Pants, Guez has directed web films for several years, including videos for Lincoln Center about artists and performers including New York City Ballet, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and American Ballet Theatre to name a few. She's directed a web series featuring New York's Underground Performing Arts scene as well as promo videos for think tanks, non-profits, dance companies, and brands.

Bat-Sheva is currently in the financing phase of a magical realism feature film entitled, And How She…